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About F.O.D.

Belgian Melodic PunkRock

Infusing their sound with harmonies and catchy melodies, F.O.D. draws inspiration from legendary 90s predecessors like Green Day, Descendents, Lagwagon, and Bad Religion while adding their unmistakable twist.

Started in 2011

Since the release of their debut EP/CD ‘Dance To This!’ in 2011, F.O.D. has become a household name in the Belgian punk rock scene. The band built a steady live reputation with their catchy melodies, much in the vein of what legendary nineties predecessors have delivered us over the past few decades.  Their first video, the instant poppunk anthem ‘Carry on’ became a scene-classic.

The second and third album ‘ONTARIO’ and ‘TRICKS OF THE TRADE’ got released on record-labels in Europe, US, Canada and Japan. It paved the path to the international punk rock scene and set the bar to higher expectations.

2017: the fourth album ‘HARVEST’ got F.O.D. to be more personal, serious and aggressive sounding. Their single ‘Crew You’ became a hit on Spotify and in the live-scene.

The same year “Hope For A Moment” by F.O.D.& Friends was launched , a single for charity (featuring Roos Van Acker, Fleddy Melculy, Off The Cross, Flatcat, …), a part of the Belgian MUSIC FOR LIFE action.

Still going strong

The widely anticipated fifth full album “SLEEPVILLE” was released on 20 March 2020 at the start of a global pandemic! This story telling (double) album ignored the boundaries of punk rock and took his listener on a musical journey accompanied by an actual book. Due to covid it unfortunately couldn’t get the release-party and tours it deserved.

In 2021 F.O.D. reached radio-airplay in Belgium with their version of ‘Perfect Match’, a song of another Belgian band Triggerfinger and F.O.D.’s ‘Soundtrack Of My Life’ appears in ‘Geldwolven’, a Belgian TV-series on VTM/Streamz.  There’s some good news for techno as well: DJ Wout releases a dance-version for ‘Welcome To The Show’.  In 2022 the band announces to go in hibernation for a short while.

2024 will see birth of F.O.D.’s sixth album “The Once A Virgin Club”, released on Sbam Records (EU) and Double Helix Records (US).  It will bring the band back to its routs with fast, catchy, melodic punkrock-songs filled with harmonies!  With big plans on the horizon, the band is gearing up for an extensive European tour, inviting audiences to experience their raw and authentic sound once again.

13 years after their debut,

F.O.D. has toured around the world, with highlights such as a touring Canada, Japan, Europe and supporting SUM41, Lagwagon, Satanic Surfers, No Fun At All and Frenzal Rhomb . F.O.D.’s steady rise brought them playing main stages at the major Punk rock festivals all over Europe.


Hans Roofthooft


Stijn De Waele


Pierre Janssens

Bass guitar

Lode De Feyter



  • EP ‘Dance To This’: Thanks But No Thanks Records – 12/2011
  • CD ‘Ontario’: Thanks But No Thanks Records – 03/2013
  • CD ‘Ontario’ Japanese-version: Bells On Records – 07/2013
  • EP 7” ‘Something More’: Funtime Records – 02/2014
  • LP 12” ‘Ontario’: TBNT + Funtime + Effervescence – 09/2014
  • CD ‘Tricks Of The Trade’: Funtime + Effervescence Records – 09/2014
  • LP 12” ‘Tricks Of The Trade’: Funtime + Effervescence – 09/2014
  • LP 12” ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ US-version: Bird Attack – 09/2014
  • CD ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ Japanese-version: Bells On Records – 09/2014
  • CD ‘Harvest’: Funtime + Effervescence Rec + Bird Attack – 02/2017
  • CD ‘Harvest’ Japanese-version: Bells On Records – 02/2017
  • LP 12” ‘Harvest’: Funtime + Effervescence + Bird Attack – 02/2017
  • CD ‘Sleepville’: Bearded Punk, Thousand Islands, Wiretap – 03/2020
  • LP 12” ‘Sleepville’: Bearded Punk, Thousand Islands, Wiretap – 03/2020
  • CD ‘Sleepville II’: Bearded Punk, Thousand Islands – 10/2020
  • LP 12” ‘Sleepville II’: Bearded Punk, Thousand Islands – 10/2020
  • CD ‘The Once A Virgin Club’: Sbäm records – 04/2024
  • LP 12” ‘The Once A Virgin Club’: Sbäm records – 04/2024

Few impressions by others

Quote Bracket

Check out our Belgium buddies F.O.D.!
Remember when Bad Religion and Nofx had a baby, and that baby listened to a little Bracket in the womb? Well, here's the baby!

Up Magazine

De vlotte, opgewekte punkrock klinkt als een mix van The Bouncing Souls, oude Green Day en de beste punkrockband die Nederland ooit voorbracht: Undeclinable Ambuscade.

Melodic Punk Style

Every single song on the record is great and extra catchy, simply impossible not to sing along to.

Out Of Step

Belgian scene is suffering a status-quo. F.O.D. seems to be the missing link: they have the potential of becoming big(ger) and their new album confirms that F.O.D. hasn’t reached his full potential yet and that they are still moving forward.

Punk & Rock – Ecuador

If NOFX is a tomato, Green Day an onion, Blink 182 the lettuce, Bad Religion a cucumber, Frenzal Rhomb salad dressing, then F.O.D. is a very good f &% * g salad.


F.O.D. is pushing melodic pop punk rock to a new level… this is an instant winner that will grab your attention from the very start and not let loose ever after.


Breathtaking harmonies, great rhythms, tight musicianship and an all out 'punkrock flair' make 'tricks of the trade' one of the best poppunk albums for a long time.